Monday, November 1, 2010

Catholic Schools (YAYYYY)

OK! So here I am a mother of a 3 yr old that goes to one of the Catholic Schools in West Hartford, CT.  One of the only schools around with a program for 3yr old.  This was one of the attractions to this school vs any other school in around the area.  Here comes the "A day in my shoes" part!  I dropped of my daughter this morning and stopped by the Principal's office to talk to her about something I witnessed on Friday!  As a very active and concerned parent I thought that it was my duty to discuss anything that involved teachers and students with the school administration and not go to the parent of that child; Boy was I wrong!!!!! 

Here is some background:  The Pre-K 3 class has had a very rough start this year. 4 weeks into the school year their teacher "left"- I do not believe that portions but then again that is just my belief.  2 weeks of a sub (really sweet) but very sensitive, followed by 3 weeks of another sub which last week became their permanent teacher!  Really it has been a rough start.  There was no communication when the first teacher "left"-  parents ( I confirmed with 2 other parents) were told that the teacher was taking the week off and would be back on Monday! 
On Monday we were told that any question about the teacher we should take up with the principle.  So I did!  I was concerned because I had lied to my child and told her that her teacher would be back in a week as one of the assistant teachers had informed me.  I was advised by the principal as they did not know if the teacher was coming back or not to tell my child that "I do not know"- "Will have to wait".  Which I did. This was my second time in the Principal's office!!!

My first time in the Principal's office was 3 weeks into the school year, I drop off my child and as I am leaving with another parent, we witness the principal with a 3yr old in the library saying "Stop Crying" "Bad Girl". - (I don't know about you but lets just say that did not sit very well with me.  No way should a 3 yr old be told that she is BAD no mater for how long she cries)  So the other mother and I approach the principal and I said  "No 3 yr old should be told that they are BAD."  well I was told that nothing else has worked with this child and this is the last resort and that her parents were aware. My response "As long as the parents are aware, but if this was my child I do not want anyone to tell her that she is BAD", "I will handle what ever it is as I am her parent".  So this was my first visit in the Principal's office at this school.
This leads me to my third visit to the office (today).  I had volunteered at the school to help decorate for the Halloween party on Friday.  As I am decorating the doors to the gym, I hear my child's teacher yell my daughter's name followed by "Are you the adult(screaming)"- "I am the adult not you".  Lets just say that I had to hold on to the door and fight the urge to run in the hall and yell at that teacher.  "Do on to others as you want them to do on to you"- Right?????  Isn't that the golden rule!  Well this is blasted on hall so we should follow.  Well as I am telling the principal this- her response " If you think this is not right school for you and your child, there are other schools in the area"-  Reallyyyyy?   Do you not think I know this?   Lets just say that by end of the school year everyone will know all about this school and the lovely principal.   So here I am in a parent dilemma: Do I withdraw my child from the school and bring her somewhere else where she doesn't know anyone?  Or do I suck it up and make sure to stay on top of the school and keep my child here (hopefully things get better)?
Food for thought! Until tomorrow!